Olympic Gold medalist Luke Campbell of the UK may have lost inside the distance to Ryan Garcia last week but his stock no doubt will have increased.

An excellent battle that saw Garcia pick himself up from the deck to come back and take out Campbell with a body punch.

A fight all in all indicative of the level of match making boxing needs in 2021 with what it has available to it.

Boxing had been on a role with great fights prior to the kick off of the current world situation but it is getting back on its feet again.

Picking itself back up off the ground.

Like it has always done and will always do as a sport.

Campbell, a week on from the fight posted the following to Garcia which spoke volumes:


Class act Campbell.

As for Garcia he looks set to take on Devin Haney in a mandatory next up.

Excellent fight if it happens.

Campbell will look to regroup but his star in the US will have grown considerably since the Garcia fight.

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