Mike Tyson Has Bad News For Logan Paul About Floyd Mayweather

In the whacky start to 2021 an exhibition between former boxing pound for pound head honcho Floyd Mayweather and YouTube manufactured entity Logan Paul has already been agreed.

A sign of the weird times we’re in.

Some have suggested Paul could get seriously injured and hammered properly in a vicious beating.

Is it worth the money he’s getting if his health is compromised seriously for the rest of his life?

Hopefully that isn’t the case.

I can’t see Floyd looking to actually go in there and take him out of the equation cleanly.

Why bother.

This just seems like an entertainment exhibition. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Boxing legend Mike Tyson warned Paul on his own podcast to his face to expect a beating however:

“Floyd is going to beat his f****** a**. But it’s going to be good. He’s going to fight back though.”

Telling Paul:

“You’re going to fight back. You’re going to fight back.”

He added:

“Let me tell you something about Floyd. This is what I don’t like about him. No matter what we say about him. He’s in that gym. He’s retired but he stays in the gym. He don’t do drugs. That’s his heroin, the gym. He does (have a vice) — the gym.”

He went on:

“He might let you hit him a couple of times to make the show look good.”

On where he ranks Mayweather in boxing history Tyson had some big praise for Mayweather.

He said:

“He’s one of the best (boxers ever).”

High praise from a boxing legend in Tyson.

On what makes Mayweather a special fighter Tyson concluded:

“The gym (his work ethic).”

In terms of this ‘fight’ it is what it is. You can’t blame Mayweather or Paul for a quick cash grab.

That’s really all it is to be fair.

Don’t expect too much from this.

Mayweather knocked out a Japense kickboxer a little over a year ago in something similar.

Maybe he’ll stop Paul with a quick body shot.

Paul will have a lot of height on old Floyd but he’ll be chopped down to size pretty quickly one suspects.

Quick money for both entertainers. Cashing in on their respective followings.

There’s no real story line at all from what I can see.

Carry on.