Gennady Golovkin showed he isn’t finished just yet in terms of his career at the top level in the sport of boxing.

While he may not be at his peak best that he was at a few years ago, he still carries more than enough power to trouble anyone at 160 lbs.

And then some.

Case in point his latest stoppage on Friday night:

Impressive to say the least.

The win over Kamil Szeremeta in California improved Golovkin’s record as a pro to 41-1-1-36 KO.

It also puts him in line for another fight with Mexican boxing star Canelo Alvarez.

The latter fighting tonight against Callum Smith in an intriguing match up to be fair.

One suspects the UK’s Smith will need to be mindful of the Canelo body attacks early on.

All in all, boxing finishing the year strong as mentioned before and promised.

A very weird time for the sport as of all sports mind you in a year that no one saw coming.

Sports across the board have seen a decrease in numbers, not online for us though, thanks Mike Tyson and Roy Jones last month huge numbers once again for my content and intellectual property around the world.

Overall sports have declined though due to people having more important stuff to worry about than sports this year for obvious reasons in the world.

I suspect things could even get crazier for the world next year though. This is just the beginning of something.

I know people always want to know my opinions around the world, wish I had better news folks.

Excuse the delay on getting back on here also, finally have a second hand computer here on the cheap and was recovering from some minor surgery to my lower jaw on the removal of a wisdom tooth that got infected.

No internal bleeding though, just some weak hit and run merchant who was clearly so scared of me that had to wait until I was after Guinness and three bottles of Russian vodka to try to break my jaw with a knuckle duster or brass knuckles judging by the injury.

No luck though.

You were right to run my cowardly friend, God help ya if I remembered ya.

All good though, cheap dentist here in Eastern Europe and have been laughing my head off all week watching the Simpsons.

Surviving and living cheap in Eastern Europe at the moment.

Era, I suppose even God’s finest champion can have an off day haha.

I don’t know anything excuse the rant folks, a small bit out of it on some fairly heavy anti biotics and painkillers at present.

I get the impression people are being way too overly nice to me here I’ve always been good at smelling a rat or two.

I can see through everything now both direct and passive aggressive snakes, so easy now.

Said individuals are no doubt sadly seeing the consequences now of very limited ghost town business that will come their way now and in the months ahead.

Met some good people this year in Europe too but definitely some shady ones too from places like Israel and a certain satanic city center in a central European country.

The center of Europe incidentally, work that little one out and let that run around in your head for a bit.

Home of a certain Satanic energy drink which sneakily is advertising on Christian websites on the display network at the moment but not for long.

We are watching many of these snakes closely now. Love everyone except for Satan and his little minions.

Big respect to the Israelites from Jerusalem though, really fantastic people I’ve met from there.

Just in a kind of a little Brit place of Eastern Europe at the moment, God bless the old Brits to be fair, they are innocent, harmless people these days in fairness.

Oh yeah, that reminds me, loud mouth Brit Eddie Hearn in boxing didn’t cough up the tickets for the UK health workers for free for the recent Joshua vs Pulev fight like he promised.

Nice win for Joshua on that card by the way. Nice use of the jab to the body of Pulev and mimicking of the wide guard to find his openings, clearly cognizant on technical improvement and came in at the sufficient weight required for a heavyweight boxer, no excessive bulk needed for a championship heavyweight fighter.

Still carrying the right hand a little low after he parry’s shots though, just a respectful observation not meant to criticize at all.

Solid win for Hughie Fury too against Wach, coming along nicely.

Tyson Fury still by far the number one heavyweight in the world at the moment it has to be said though.

He needs to keep busy and stay disciplined.

But going back to Mr. loud mouth Brit Eddie Hearn for a second. Bad form Mr. philanthropy.

Eddie, take a leaf out of the book of the real Irish boys in America, Irish Americans like Chuck Feeney.

Got to love the Irish Americans, over 36 million in the US now, quiet, humble people but always there in the places that count behind the scenes making things tick.

If you want to be charitable to someone poorer or weaker than you or help a man or woman militarily weaker or whatever, you do so quietly, not for social media fame and not for pictures and all that nonsense.

I’ve heard your dad Barry speaking about God before and I bloody know you know what I’m talking about within Christianity. Don’t do that again.

I hope you put that right behind the scenes with tickets for those bloody brilliant healthcare workers in England next time.

Kind hard working people who’ve helped a lot of folks this year when the chips were down in fairness.

No need to make a big song and a dance about when you help people.

As for the rest of boxing, those bloody goons at Top Rank still appear to be trying their best in fairness, get the bloody Crawford vs Spence fight on though.

Bob Arum great guy and some great people at his company but the old guy is getting too old now for this stuff to be fair.

From my quiet analysis of boxing these last few years, a very, very limited business, Al Haymon the only guy’s company I would want to work for to be honest in the entire sport if not my own boss like at present.

By far the smartest guy and best company in boxing, easily, not even close.

It’s not about the politics and all that garbage in boxing however, or what promoter or this or that, it is about the best fighting the best at the end of the day.

Getting the fights on for the fans.

Otherwise boxing is just going to have to reach out to YouTubers and celebrity boxing on a more often, which is sad for the sport really if that’s what it becomes on a regular basis.

Nothing wrong with sprinkling it in every now and then to access new markets, mind.

Overall, in general, love here in Eastern Europe now and the way of life here although but its not America, wish I was in Ukraine or Russia now on the way home to America next year if not for annoying travel restrictions.

Won’t get that trip to Sicily too either by the looks of things.

Just not fond of those bums in the EU, they will burn to the ground in the coming years.

Good to see US stock market doing well again at the moment, maybe some cheap stocks to buy also in the new year in the Asian market too as regards opportunities for those who like to watch the markets.

So bloody tempting here to settle down with all the hot Eastern European girls everywhere, get married and have a small family but that would be too easy to do right now and just selling out.

Don’t want to fall in love over here she’d ruin my green card down the line.

Not ready to take the easy option just yet and just sell out like a bum, come too far now.

Anyone who knows me knows my determination and fighting spirit perseveres to the end even in the moment of death itself as I know I’m going to heaven one day and will be reunited with my mother there so do not fear death or anything in life other than God at this point.

After all the years of hurting myself on purpose and all the carnage in addiction have come through it all now, only God left now in my heart.

Alas, left off some serious lawsuits and gave some people a pass in the end.

God never gave up on me so I’m not giving up on America and Americans yet, owe you my life, loyal to the end.

Tough to be away from the people I love in America this Christmas admittedly but I know God has a plan, all good.

If America completely blows up and is destroyed in the months ahead and I do get stuck in this Europe place, maybe take a look a that place in Greece where ancient Sparta once was.

Maybe Istanbul or Ukraine or Russia too for a brief look outside of Europe specifically. I know America will be fine though.

Definitely taking a quick trip to Greece for a look though. Why the heck not.

Nice weather, nice passionate women like the Italian girls, nice food like Italy too but maybe a better deal overall in terms of starting a new venture of some sort in tech or IT with the old Greeks, don’t know yet.

Unless some serious woman or business deal comes along to tempt me otherwise.

There’s been a couple this year over here but not the one yet though.

America all the way though to be honest.

People in all these countries try to get me to stay in their country or whatever which is flattering but like I said, God never gave up on me so can’t give up on Americans. I’m still here because of them.

In the short term though need to find an ocean on the coast soon, these lockdowns without access to a gym have killed me this year, have to stay busy everyday all the time that’s just the way these INTJ personality types seemingly need to operate.

No retiring from this thing, work until death and life insurance for my future wife and kids when I’m gone, that’s the way it goes.

Speaking of Christmas next week, have a great one folks.

Let’s remember that Christmas is about the birth of Christ after all.

I suspect the return of Jesus Christ might be a lot sooner than some think.

All the signs are there this year as per the Book of Revelations at the end of the New Testament.

Wisdom and understanding is required.

There was an English fella one time Bartley Gorman who said nobody knows you except you and God.

Just do what’s right for you and your family/loved ones.

Have a very, very happy Christmas and bloody look after yourselves will ye.

Ye only have one another at the end of the day so be good to one another ye bleeding loveable goons.

We are commanded to love one another under the law of God.

Systems, human understanding of culture and international free law originates from scripture after all.

Go back to what you once heard and believed, hold to it firmly.

Things will get better soon. Carry on.

Merry Christmas ye filthy animals (Home Alone movie, still a classic haha).

Nah, have a good one and look after yourselves for fook sake.



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