Watch: Errol Spence vs Garcia Weigh In and Final Face Off

Watch: Errol Spence vs Garcia Weigh In and Final Face Off

Happy fight day folks.

What a fight we have in store tonight in Texas in the welterweigtht division between pound for pound rated Errol Spence Jr. and seasonsed former champion Danny Garcia.

Coming into the fight many will have tipped Spence to win comfortably but the caveat that exists is a big one.

This will represent Spence’s first fight back in the ring since a near fatal car accident last year.

Considering this, he or no one for that matter, will know how his body and mind will react in a live boxing ring again.

He didn’t exactly take an easy fight either in the form of Garica.

Ahead of the bout check out the weigh-in and face off video here:

(Hat tip Fox Sports YouTube)

The winner of tonight’s bout could indeed find himself in line for some very big fights.

Notably against Manny Pacquiao or if fans had their way against Terence Crawford.

For that potential Spence vs Crawford super fight to happen Spence can’t slip up.

Fans want to see the two guys fight in their primes soon but no doubt Garcia will look to rip up the script.

Enjoy tonight’s fight folks. Excuse the delay on getting back here since last weekend.

Only fixed my computer today and recovering from my last ever drinking session. Started out with vodka years ago and ended the drink with Guinness and vodka, rock bottom.

I appear to have picked up a damaged jaw/wisdom tooth and possibly some internal bleeding.

Looks like a drunken brawl as my hands are marked up and knuckles bruised but I honestly can’t remember much after Guinness followed by three bottles of vodka. Rock bottom and time to move on.

Doing okay for now, just in Eastern Europe at the moment in a remote mountain gaf under lock down so will have to wait to get to a city to get checked out and back around an English-speaking Christian church as soon as possible.

Tourism here in Europe really seems to be gone to oblivion at the moment with the lockdowns.

Will be grand, we’ve been through much worse.

Wherever you are stay safe and look after yourselves during this weird time for the world.

What a night for boxing tonight though.

And plenty to look forward to before the end of the year too with Joshua vs Pulev and Canelo vs Smith.


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