Boxing Defense Techniques – 5 Basics A Fighter Must Know

Boxing Defense Techniques Form An Important Part Of The Sport

Sometimes it is said in the sweet science that the best defense is a good offense.

While this is correct at times that the truth is a bit more complex and scientific.

When thinking of defensive geniuses of the past in the sport of boxing the likes of Floyd Mayweather, James Toney, Pernell Whitaker, Guillermo Rigondeaux, Vasyl Lomachenko, Willie Pepp, Wilfred Benitez and many more spring to mind.

However before they turned pro and made it big as world champions as professional fighters they needed to get the basics right.

The honing of their crafts as amateur boxers helped form their fundamentals.

This video from American boxing trainer Pat Barry of Barry’s Boxing Las Vegas covers five of the most important boxing defense techniques.

Legs, block, parry, roll and slip.

(Hat tip Fit Builders YouTube)

As you can see a lot of wisdom there.

So to go over them remember the following.

Use of the legs and Footwork

boxing defense techniques

Being quick on your feet and practicing your footwork and shifting weight ever so slightly even from one leg to another can get you out of the way of something effortlessly.


boxing defense techniques

Even a slight turn of the wrist and cupping of the hand as opposed to clenching the fist within the glove can help an effective block.


boxing defense techniques

An instinctive motion timed to slightly paw a punch out of the way.

Possibly creating an opening for a counter opportunity.

Or to just break a punch and reposition for the next attack.


boxing defense techniques

Bending of the knees and sitting down in a squat motion to roll under a shot can then leave an opening to offensively even coil out of a compact posture to counter with a powerful hook or uppercut.


boxing defense techniques

On a similar note to the above a quick slip of the head left or right of an orthodox or south paw opponent’s attack can create an opening and an opportunity for offense simultaneously.

Despite the shortness of the video the above clip encompasses five basic boxing defense techniques that can be applied at all levels of unarmed combat really.

Certainly for a developing boxer key motions to be listened to quietly and learned.

Small tweaks and adjustments in the above can make a big difference.

Practice and repitition being key.


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