Paulie Malignaggi Gets Involved In Bizarre DeGale and Eubank Argument

The final press conference took place today ahead of Saturday night’s super-middleweight showdown between Chris Eubank Jr and James DeGale.

It came with plenty of verbal bashing as was expected and as also expected — some rather strange comments were made from Chris Eubank senior.

Perhaps the weirdest comment came when a dispute over who did not want shared opponent George Groves to be commentating on the fight at the weekend.

Eubank senior brought DeGale’s parents into it in that he said to DeGale if it wasn’t him who wanted Groves off the pundit team, then it could have been his parents who made the request.

Paulie Malignaggi who is helping DeGale’s coaching team for the fight stepped in and said:

“I’ll be honest I’ve been here a couple of weeks and George Groves never came up in the conversation even one time. I speak to his parents everyday. It would have come up in the conversation.”

Eubank senior then proceeded to question had James DeGale been drinking alcohol in the lead up to the fight.

A rather odd comment to ask a former world champion who was in training camp for a big fight.

Again, Malignaggi stepped in and said:

“Why is your side worried about what James is drinking? Either way what business is he drinking or not? Your preparation is what counts.”

Clearly a move to get inside the head of DeGale amid mind games that were prevalent throughout proceedings.

The big question surrounds how much DeGale has left and what version of him turns up on Saturday night.

The fight takes place on Saturday night at the O2 Arena in London.