Eubank Taunts DeGale After Shock Defeat To Lose World Title

Chris Eubank taunts DeGale on social media after the Englishman lost a stunning upset tonight to American Caleb Truax.

Both Eubank Jr and his father senior had more than their fair share of bad blood in recent months and weeks with DeGale following back and forth jibes in the media.

DeGale recently called junior a “fool” and a “p***” and mentioned that he thinks George Groves will knock Eubank Jr out when the pair meet in the World Boxing Super Series in early 2018.

Well, Eubank Jr has not forgotten that and like his upcoming rival George Groves, has taken to Twitter tonight to put the boot in on DeGale after losing his world title:

Boxing, perhaps the most ruthless sports of them all where a man can lose a life time of work in the blink of an eye, be on top of the world one day, to feel like he’s on the bottom of the ocean the next with his shark rivals swimming around his blood and taunting him.

This isn’t the end for DeGale of course, just a setback that will be tough to bounce back from.