World champion James DeGale blasts his rival’s father in an ongoing heated exchange of words between both fight camps.

Before James DeGale ever even turned pro, Chris Eubank Sr promised famously on live TV on the Buncey’s Boxing Hour at the time on Setanta – that DeGale would never win a world title because of the fact he won Olympic Gold as an amateur.

His school of thought at the time that DeGale would not have the hunger to make it in the pros.

DeGale suffice to say proved him wrong. Totally wrong.

In response to been called earlier this year by Eubank Jr after he beat Renold Quinlan, it’s something he’s not forgot ahead of his final bout of the year this weekend.

In an interview with Kugan Cassius of IFL TV, DeGale said:

“The guy was a rubbish fighter, s*** really. He was a showman, fighting wise he was tough and a showman, that’s all.”

This continues his ongoing beef with father and son, referring to Eubank Jr recently he said:

DeGale faces Caleb Truax this weekend in London while Eubank Jr faces George Groves in the new year in the semi-final of the World Boxing Super Series.

For the full clip with James DeGale on IFL YouTube check it out here: