Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach was once a professional fighter in his own right.

Something that stays with many boxers throughout their lives wherever they go and however older they get.

Once a fighter always a fighter as they say.

Speaking with Dan Patrick, Freddie opened up about what happened on the last time he got in a street fight in a candid and rather entertaining way:

“I was in Kinkos of all places. “

He added:

“The customer was having an argument with the manager and the manager came out with a remark so I laughed. A big guy, about 6’6 looked at me and said what are you laughing at? I said you. He said I’ll kick your a** and I said I don’t think so. So he walks me back into the corner and pulls his hand back and swings at me. So I hit him a counter left hook and I knock him out with the left hook and he’s laying there, then the police all start rush in and start hitting me with the batons and everyone in Kinkos shout no, no, no it’s the other guy!”

He added:

“So I got arrested and I told one officer you know, you were pretty tough with the batons that day but if you ever want to finish this you can come down to my gym and we can get in the ring? I never got a reply back.”


These days Freddie Roach still runs the iconic Wild Card Gym in Hollywood and recently returned to the corner of Manny Pacquiao as an adviser for his win over Adrien Broner.

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