Khan Reacts To Being Told Public Will Never Forgive Him If He Ducks Brook

Amir Khan and Kell Brook seem closer than ever before to finally getting a fight made but many pessimists in the sport don’t think it will happen for various reasons.

Khan kept his end of the bargain upheld with a win against Samuel Vargas last weekend.

Both guys are with the same promoter, looking for their next opponent and Brook has even said he’ll come down to welterweight to fight Khan.

It also makes a shed load of money for both fighters from a business standpoint.

But common sense and rational thought often don’t go hand in hand in boxing.

Speaking on Toe To Toe, pundit Spencer Fearon put it to Khan point-blank that if he doesn’t face Kell Brook the British boxing public will never forgive him.

Khan replied:

“Exactly but I’m not saying no to that fight. The thing is though, at the moment, I take every fight a step at a time. Tomorrow I could hurt my hand, I could get hit by a car. This is the world we live in. But in my opinion what makes more sense for me is taking the Manny Pacquiao fight because we don’t know how much he has left in him. Manny Pacquiao like you said is almost 40 years old yeah, so how long has he got left. Whereas Kell Brook is 32. He’s a very similar age to me, I think there’s a six month age difference, I’m 31, he’s 32. That fight could be made a lot easier as well are with the same promotional company. The fight that won’t be there for a long time is the Manny Pacquiao fight. That’s the reason ( I want that fight next), honestly.”

Promoter of both Khan and Brook, Eddie Hearn has said recently that if the fight doesn’t happen next up then it will never happen.