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Home » Amir Khan and Kell Brook Fight Negotiations Begin To Spill Out In Public

Amir Khan and Kell Brook Fight Negotiations Begin To Spill Out In Public

An Amir Khan and Kell Brook long awaited showdown could be the closest it’s being ever.

The Amir Khan and Kell Brook fight is one that fans have craved for many years now, going back to the initial fight speculation after a well publicised get together at Sky studios a few years back.

At the time, it was clear to see egos where at play by both men, in terms of how each perceived the other got the better of a sparring session in the past.

Egos and boxing have always gone hand and hand really though, in a sport as highly charged and macho as any.

This palpable passion between not only the two fighters, but also their two camps, is now beginning to spill out in public negotiations too.

Since the start of 2017 talks have been widespread that a fight between the two will finally take place.

Khan said today to Brook’s promoter Eddie Hearn on Twitter that he deserves the bigger share of the fight purse:

“Eddie I’m the A side and you and Kell know he will make more then he did against GGG. Don’t you agree.”

Amir Khan

To which Hearn replied:

“He is correct – at 70-30 we don’t want the fight.”

Eddie Hearn

Kell Brook has also chimed in with a Conor McGregor quote saying:

“Who da f@ck is that guy!”

Kell Brook

Brook has long had disdain for Khan and was quoted here as calling him ‘Amir Kardashian’.

Khan last fought in May of 2016 when he was stopped inside the distance by Mexican Canelo Alvaez:

(Full fight – hat tip and credit HBO YouTube)