Golovkin Reacts To Canelo Saying He Has No Balls, Shuts Down Reporter

Yeah, a reporter actually went there with Gennady Golovkin. Brave man.

At the final press conference ahead of GGG vs Canelo 2 on Saturday one reporter asked a bizarre question in terms of asking Golovkin what did he think of Canelo saying he has no balls.

The usually calm and professional Golovkin appeared to snap at the reporter for such a stupid question.

He said:

“He (Canelo) talk a lot, you know Oscar talk a lot (too). Do you believe him? If you want I will show you over there (pointing at a rest room). You know he (Canelo) is not a real guy. Guys, guys. No, no, please, please. This is crazy question. I like professional questions, not like that. That is crazy.”

If Golovkin needed anymore motivation or dislike of Canelo this will only have helped. It could be possible that we see the most ferocious Golovkin ever come Saturday.

The same can be said for Canelo.

The end result of which should be, in theory, a potential fight of the year at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Tomorrow will see the weigh-in for both fighters which will be lived streamed on Boxing News and Views.