Amir Khan and Kell Brook Both Scared Of The Exact Same Thing

Amir Khan and Kell Brook might hate each other in the boxing world but it turns out they share one the exact same deep fears.

They say man fears what he doesn’t understand and that anxiety is at the root of many of human being’s life issues, but when it comes to professional fighters – they have to be up there as some of the most fearless human beings on the planet.

Having said that, they’re human too.

And, as TV viewers of the reality TV show that boxer Amir Khan is currently on can testify, he doesn’t particularly like certain animals when he comes face to face with them.

Speaking on Sky Sports’ “Toe To Toe” podcast, promoter of Brook, Eddie Hearn revealed he spoke to Brook recently about his opinion of Khan being on the TV show:

“I actually had a laugh with Kell because I was talking to him about it saying did you see Khan with the snakes? Kell said he’s twice as bad as Amir in terms of his fear for snakes. He says I couldn’t of even put my hand in there. It’s funny you’ve got two guys like that who want to go and tear each other to shreds in the ring but they’re terrified of a couple of centipedes.”

On a boxing note a fight between Amir Khan and Kell Brook could make more sense than ever in 2018 in terms of where both men are now in their careers.

Brook recently was confirmed to be moving up to 154lbs, at this stage of Khan’s career super-welterweight could be a natural weight class for him too.

(Photo credit: Sky Sports)