Canelo: How Many GGG Opponents Had A S***load Of Losses

The war or words between two usually reserved fighters in the form of Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez has come alight these past few weeks.

Such is the genuine disdain the pair share for one another.

The hatred really adds a bit of spice to their middleweight title rematch on September 15th with boxing fans chomping at the bit for it at the moment.

Speaking ahead of the fight, Golovkin said Canelo has not shown respect with his actions:

“What is respect? Let me ask you. When you deceive people. When you hurt business. When you don’t respect your TV network, when you don’t give a damn about your fans. Is that what you call respect?”

To which Canelo hit back:

“Now, if he thinks he respects the sport, how many champions has he fought? Very few. How many opponents has he had with a s***load of losses? So he makes people believe he’s all about good fights when he’s not.”

Upon looking at the names on the resumes of both fighters, sure, Canelo has some better names that he’s shared the ring with like Mayweather, Mosley and Cotto.


But, for balance, it’s important to remember that this is because those fighters where available to him as opponents at a lower weight than 160lbs.

If they were fighting up at middleweight for most of their careers, you can bet your bottom dollar Golovkin would have fought them too.

Ultimately, resumes go out the window on September 15th.