Canelo Laughs At Golovkin Strategy To Get Fight With Him

Canelo laughs on the NY press tour at the apparent Golovkin strategy to land the fight with him in the first place.

All the talk will be over come September but there was a point where fans doubted if the fight would ever happen in the first place.

The blame game, as so often happens in boxing negotiations, was rampant. Each side blamed the other until finally a deal was struck.

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Golovkin mentioned in the past that getting hit more than he would have liked against Kell Brook from the UK and Danny Jacobs from the US in his two last fights respectively – was part of the plan all along to get Canelo in the ring.

To lull him into a false sense of security, as it were.

While this does seem a bit far fetched, in terms of a fighter wanting to take deliberate punishment to make a potential future opponent view him as weaker, you just never know in this nutty business.

It’s not something Canelo has paid too much to, mind you.

Speaking on the New York leg of the pair’s international fight tour Canelo laughed it off and when translated in front of a group of journalists he said:

“I’d like to see him try the same against me.”

Here’s how he reacted to Golovkin’s alleged plan to get him in the ring (hat tip Fight Hype YouTube):