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Bellew Reacts To Female Champion’s Controversial View On PEDs In Boxing

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PEDs in boxing have become more and more of a hot topic of discussion in the sport as of late. Particularly after the highly publicized failing of a drugs test by Mexican boxing star Canelo Alvarez earlier this year before his first proposed rematch date with Gennady Golovkin.

The middleweight title rematch goes ahead on September 15th next month instead but all year the topic has dominated the boxing landscape among fans.

Canelo is not the only one who’s failed a drugs test of course in recent times in boxing of course.

The heavyweight division in particular over the last couple of years has had plenty of notable problems too.

Organizations like the WBC have brought in random testing for the top 15 in each division of their rankings as part of their ‘Clean Boxing Program’ but many fans think a lot more could be done.

Not just by governing bodies, but by the Commissions around the world and promoters in the sport too.

Random blood and urine testing year round is an expensive process mind you.

As the UFC in the sport of MMA have also found out in recent years.

But it does work.

Just look at the amount of cheaters the UFC have caught out in mixed martial arts over the last number of years for example.

Former world female boxing champion Mia St John believes everyone in boxing is at it:

A controversial view, for sure.

Former WBC cruiserweight world champion Tony Bellew was quick to point out that not everyone is:

What do you think? Are PEDs rampant in boxing to the point that everyone does it?

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