Eddie Hearn Has Some Cheeky Advice For Al Haymon

Eddie Hearn Has Some Cheeky Advice For Al Haymon

Promoter Eddie Hearn is preparing for his new US boxing venture with streaming giant DAZN and had some words of advice that he thinks could benefit one of his competitors, Al Haymon.

Haymon is the head of the Premier Boxing Champions television series which is currently shown on Showtime in the US and since Hearn announced his new billion dollar DAZN boxing deal, Haymon and Showtime fighters have become a prime target for him if they are not under a promotional agreement that prohibits him from signing them.

Offers to the likes of Adrien Broner were very publicly turned down initially, but now more movement appears to be starting to happen for Hearn as boxers realize the amount of money he is starting to offer to fight on DAZN is more they can earn anywhere else at this time.

Speaking to Tha Boxing Voice, Hearn had this to say to Al Haymon:

“One thing that Al is, is probably as far removed as a promoter in terms of his actions that you can can get. He’s an incredibly smart man, hugely powerful. Probably a little bit of ego (why he won’t work with me). If I were Al Haymon the first phone call that I would make is to me to say, you got all this money, here’s the guys. Look, he’s not going to give me Spence, Wilder, Garcia, he can’t, he needs those for Showtime. But look at all the other guys that he can’t get work for. Look at the other guys that are boxing once a year. But I don’t think he wants to give them up. Now, every now and then, there will be a deal that is so good, Jessie Vargas (for example), he’ll go – I can’t stop you taking that deal.”

Interesting times for American boxing. All this competition can only benefit the sport, surely.