Mayweather and His Dad Battle To See Who Has Faster Hands

Retired boxing kingpin Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather shared a light-hearted, fun couple of videos earlier of himself and his father trying to figure out who has the quicker hand speed of the two.

The two men over the years since the beginning of Mayweather’s pro career have had an up and down relationship with a large part of his career having been trained by uncle Roger Mayweather.

Father and son butted heads on many occasion due to what Mayweather Jr said was him wanting to be his own man after a while with his boxing career.

While his father he mentioned wanted him to continue old school training methods like running in big mountain boots and the like, which junior didn’t want to do.

Fast forward a few years however and the two rekindled not only their father and son relationship – but also their trainer and fighter relationship.

Towards the end of Mayweather’s career in recent times it was his father, Mayweather senior, who was once again in his corner, as uncle Roger’s health sadly deteriorated.

Even though he’s retired from the ring now both still clearly share that competitive edge:

Part two is here, who do you think won and has the faster hands?

Mayweather senior for an older guy certainly still has quick hands! Once a fighter always a fighter as they say.

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