Teddy Atlas Responds With Brutal Honesty To Canelo’s Changed Physique Ahead Of GGG Rematch

Controversial and famed commentator Teddy Atlas has reacted about how you’d expect he would when he saw Canelo’s physique being a lot slimmer than he was the first time against Golovkin.

There has been a lot of talk about how different Canelo looks this time compared to his first fight against Golovkin where he was much bulkier.

The talk has come particularly given a failed drugs test earlier in the year, the six month suspension before this rematch and all the controversy that came with everything.

Teddy Atlas for one only thinks one thing.

Speaking to Fight Hub Atlas said:

“Everything that we know, with all the information that we know, with the history what we know, what do I think? What am I going to do, become a BS artist at this point in my life? What I do I think? PEDs.”

He later said:

“Coincidence that he failed a drugs test and suddenly he now looks different?”

Always brutally candid and to the point, it’s easy to forget that Teddy Atlas was also a world-class trainer in the past before his more known commentary and pundit work in boxing in recent years.