Malignaggi Explains His New Boxing Tournament – Taunts McGregor Boxing Skills

Paulie Malignaggi was in London today to announce his new boxing tournament and brand called “Ultimate Boxxer” which has its first event on April 28th in Manchester.

In a prizefighter type format eight unbeaten welterweight fighters will compete in Ultimate Boxxer 1.

Speaking today at the launch of the Ultimate Boxxer tournament, Malignaggi said to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV that:

“Nobody is tied to anybody (contractually). You can have fighters that are tied to somebody or you can have fighters that are not tied to somebody. Nobody is tied to Ultimate Boxxer, Ultimate Boxxer is just a brand. Nobody has to come in and sign a contract with Ultimate Boxxer, that’s not the case. It’s almost like that we’re giving you the next level after the amateurs.”

Later on as the conversation changed slightly, Malignaggi said of one Conor McGregor that:

“He (McGregor) can’t box Apples at Saintburys. He can’t box pears. He can’t box swordfish at Sainsburys. What’s he going to do? When’s he going to box? Let him go to MMA.”

He added:

“I think his career (McGregor) is in a stage where he is dying for attention – but it’s an a** whopping no matter what doors he opens.”

For the full interview with IFL YouTube (hat tip) check it out here: