Tyson Fury’s Two Word Reply On Winner Of Him vs A Prime Mike Tyson

Recently the boxing world was taken back by comments from Deontay Wilder about how he would have fared against a prime Mike Tyson. Now Tyson Fury has chipped in his two cents on the same subject.

Mike Tyson in his prime was a force of nature, the youngest heavyweight champion in history – he ripped through the heavyweight division like a knife through butter in the late 80s.

A phenomenal talent, that in all honesty, should not really be compared to fighters of today’s times.

But that’s what fight fans do.

They love to match boxers of different eras against one another in hypothetical situations.

It’s just plain fun.

In a Q and A session from his training camp in Spain, in reply to one fan on Twitter on who would have one between him and Mike Tyson, Fury simply replied:

“Mike KO1.”

Honesty and humility from the former heavyweight champion there.

This answer goes against what current WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder said recently when he caused uproar when he said he would have beaten a 1986 version of Mike Tyson.

As for Fury, he currently finds himself minus the Ring Magazine belt ahead of his return – but the good news is he more or less has license back and is training steadily towards an April comeback.