Amir Khan Responds To Adrien Broner Wanting To Fight Him

UK welterweight Amir Khan responds to Adrien Broner wanting to get in the ring with him next up following comments from Broner on social media.

Broner said it could be Khan next up which has got the boxing rumor mill swirling in recent days.

Khan today announced a new three-fight deal with British boxing promoter Eddie Hearn and has remained open to Broner being part of the deal at some point.

Speaking to, Khan said:

“That could happen maybe in the second fight (of the new deal) or the third fight. Look Broner is a friend of mine but sometimes it makes good business. Bringing Broner to the UK would be amazing. One thing about Broner he always talks about a fight but when it comes down to signing a fight he never signs it.”

He added:

“Broner is one of those type of guys that we always have a laugh and a joke but I don’t know how serious about it is. I am (though).”

Khan has indicated that he will fight at welterweight upon his return to the sport where he’ll box for the first time in nearly two years.

Broner for his part has had an up and down time in and out of the ring in recent years – but appears to have his motivation back recently judging by recent training footage.