Amir Khan vs Adrien Broner Could Be On The Cards Quite Soon

In a left field turn of events there are murmurings in the boxing world that an Amir Khan vs Adrien Broner could be in play for early this year.

Khan is just fresh out of a TV reality show based in Australia so with all the travel and near two years out of the ring, despite him saying he’ll fight again in March or April – I’d think in reality it will be May or June knowing boxing.

In recent months he’s reiterated that he wants to have a homecoming fight in the UK but in a turn of events he’s now been linked with a fight against Adrien Broner in the US.

The fight would be an easy one to make. Both guys share the same manager Al Haymon. It would be a pretty fun fight either way you slice it.

Broner to me has never really been a full welterweight. I always though lightweight and junior welterweight suited him more.

When he was training hard and in love with the sport.

His skills are unquestionable.

If he finally gets his outside of the ring stuff sorted this year and gets back training hard, even at welterweight I think it would be a pretty competitive fight between him and Khan.

Particularly given the fact Khan wouldn’t exactly be jumping back in there with an easy opponent too for his first fight in two years.

Both wicked fast guys with plenty of skills, who’ve both been put down before.

I for one would welcome such a potential, cross-Atlantic fisted blitz between the two. Over to you, Al Haymon.