Retired former pound for pound number one Floyd Mayweather meets virtual reality in new business venture that he announced to the world today.

Virtual and augmented reality are quickly becoming revolutionary formats.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather who likes to invest in different things with his vast amount of cash that he earned in his boxing career, has taken to VR – it would seem.

The folks at Fight Hype YouTube captured the moment Mayweather tried on the gear and showed it off to the world:

Interesting stuff for sure. Whether it catches on or not remains to be seen.

There is a school of thought out there that says AR is more likely to take off than VR – but what does this boxing writer now about that kind of thing.

From a boxing perspective, Mayweather is still heavily involved in the sport as a promoter and looks likely to continue to be in the news for some while to come, while he uses his own huge brand to help promoter his fighters and his company.

As it stands, he has retired from the sport with a perfect record of 50-0, but never say never.

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