McGregor Fans Reaction To Paulie Malignaggi Spar

Conor McGregor fans reaction to seeing Conor McGregor’s latest photo of him sparring with Paulie Malignaggi.

Boxing fans for the most part have taken this with a pinch of salt today.

A picture that is posted by Conor McGregor sparring with former world boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi – showing McGregor with his hands behind his back and worrying boxing skills.

Putting one’s hands behind your back against Floyd Mayweather could be hazardous for the popular Irishman, to put it politely.

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Many of McGregor’s legions of fans however have been putting some sort of stock into what they’ve seen today.

Perhaps even more worrying than the photo itself was some of the McGregor fans reaction to it:

When it comes to posting content on McGregor’s social platforms it is obvious that his team are going to try to paint him in the best light possible.

That’s their job, after all.

As many have also mentioned today, likely McGregor and Malignaggi have a non-disclosure agreement that will prevent Paulie from talking about how the spar actually went.

One can only hope that someone will leak footage of the full spar but that is a long, long shot.

Malignaggi has been out of the ring a while in recent years and his last fight was as a defeat to Sam Eggington in the UK in March.

To put things into perspective.

Malignaggi now is a retired active fighter as things stand and works as a successful commentator and broadcaster on the US and UK boxing circuit.