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Conor McGregor Shows Off Boxing Skills, Worrying Stuff

Conor McGregor shows off boxing skills today in preparation for his fight with Mayweather but is the Irishman in over his head?

Boxing writers and media alike seem to be unanimous in their agreement that he is.

Everyone likes to believe in magic though and back an underdog sometimes, but it’s just so hard to see how McGregor can logically win a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather.

The Irishman is in bullish form however and posed today on camera saying: “The boxing ring is mine”

Perhaps of a more worrying nature however was his next post today, showing him with his hands behind his back Roy Jones Jr-style in the ring with Paulie Malignaggi, saying:

If he puts his hands behind his back like that against Floyd Mayweather he can expect some sharp right hands down the middle for his trouble.

While these posts could simply be a smokescreen and just for publicity more than likely, or if they are McGregor indeed showing off his boxing skills, neither will be really relevant come August 26th.

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Credit must be given to the Irishman however for the bravery to do what no other UFC fighter has done before and for essentially being a marketing genius for landing the fight in the first place.

For a look at all the McGregor boxing footage that has been put out there so far since this fight was first mooted – check this out and decide for yourself whether you think the Irishman has the boxing skills to trouble Mayweather:

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