Does Mayweather Know How To Read? Proof That He Does

Does Mayweather know how to read? Despite recent harsh claims by Conor McGregor that he can’t, he sure can.

If it were true that he couldn’t read, it would be fairly harsh to make fun of that in the first place. But this is the fight game – where limits go out the proverbial window at times.

Conor McGregor took it upon himself to mock Mayweather in this regard on their recent press tour shouting at the American:

“You can’t even read!”

A few years back there were various videos frequenting social media and YouTube showing Mayweather to appear to have difficulty in reading.

At the time he was going through a well publicised beef with former friend and rapper 50 Cent, where the rapper took it upon himself to also make fun of Mayweather’s reading difficulties.

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Some back and forth followed where Mayweather eventually posted a snap of a cheque that had many, many 0’s on it.

Essentially telling 50 Cent that he could read enough to count large sums of money. Eventually things died down and the topic wasn’t brought up again.

Until McGregor.

Recently Black Sports Online debunked the myth during a video shoot where Mayweather can be seen joking:

“You know I can’t read!”

Does Mayweather know how to read? Judge for yourself: