Boxing Legend Disgusted With Mayweather vs McGregor

One boxing legend is not happy with what he’s seeing in Mayweather vs McGregor and has voiced his opinion.

As soon as Mayweather vs McGregor was announced it was always going to stir up a lot of debate and opinion within the boxing community.

Largely it has been criticized by the purists but even the most die hard of boxing fans do, for the most part, acknowledge that it will be a big selling event in the casual sports market.

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Speaking to BT Sport one boxing legend turned promoter Oscar De La Hoya said of the fight:

“We’re now finally bringing back boxing. We’re now finally bringing back that excitement with Anthony Joshua, Canelo Alvarez, GGG. This could be another setback for the sport of boxing.”

Indeed De La Hoya has been highly critical of the bout in recent times – going head to head with UFC President Dana White on social media at one point.

This disappointment does come from him despite De La Hoya in the past mentioning that he would be more than willing to put Canelo in there with McGregor in a boxing match.

UFC President Dana White claims it is just jealousy from De La Hoya as he is not involved in the promotion of this August’s upcoming show.

Judge for yourself below.

For De La Hoya’s full thoughts on the fight check it out here via BT Sport YouTube (hat tip) and skip to approximately 10 minutes into the video:

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