Early Mayweather McGregor Betting Patterns A Bit Outrageous

The Mayweather McGregor betting is underway ahead of the August 26th showdown in Las Vegas and it’s, well, a bit surprising.

Although the venue for the fight has not been set in stone just yet UFC president Dana White did mention last week it will be at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

So unless something strange happens expect it to be there.

The T-Mobile like many other hotels and casinos in Sin City have started the early Mayweather McGregor betting takes and to the surprise of some, well, surely that of boxing fans at least, most of the money is going on McGregor.

90% of early stakes in Vegas have gone on the Irishman apparently, as the highest bets have ranged upwards of $50,000 thus far.

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Expect those numbers in terms of stake levels to go way up though.

This event, and that’s what it is really, an ‘event’, is likely to break all financial records ever set for a combat sports related event.

Presumably the early betting on McGregor is simply punters looking for value more than anything, as a bet on Mayweather outright to win is slim enough odds in most places.

Although with some places offering Mayweather to win at 1/5 outright and McGregor as low as 5/1 – the odds are not as wide as you might have thought.

McGregor who is a novice boxer – is obviously being given some sort of shot by the bookmakers. A group of people who rarely get it wrong.

It will be interesting to see how those numbers move around over the next two months. Ahead of the fight check out this slick clip:

‘Mayweather vs McGregor – Watch the Throne’ – hat tip Youssef Hannoun YouTube: