David Haye on Bellew’s Biggest Strength

Daivd Haye speaks of his utter disdain for his upcoming opponent Tony Bellew, as well as touching on what happened behind the scenes when filming a pre-fight promo video. Even when speaking of his opponent’s main strength, Haye’s sheer non-belief in his opponent’s ability could not be contained.

The pre-fight verbals are in full flow between these two heavyweights ahead of their March 4th showdown in London.

Bellew’s latest retorts labelled Haye as ‘water infested and slow’.

Haye has hit back when speaking on TV via Sky Sports News.

david haye on bellew

David Haye on Bellew, the filming of ‘The Gloves Are Off’ (here’s a quick glimpse of the show) and what he thinks of Bellew as a person:

“At one stage it got a bit too heated to the point of which the things which were said couldn’t be aired. So they sort of parted us for a bit so we could go and have a coffee, and go and have a little chill out. 20 minutes later we came back and finished it off. I really don’t like being in this guy’s presence. At all. He’s a bully. He’s a typical bully. If you look through his record, look at the other guys he’s fought – he always gets in their face and tries to intimidate people.”

Even when questioned about something that could potentially get some sort of positive response on Bellew’s boxing skills, Haye categorically shut things down:

“His biggest strength is the fact he can talk his way into a fight like this. The fact that he can somehow convince people that he’s got a chance to beat me. Because in my eyes, looking at him and looking at me, I don’t see how people can give him a chance. He’s so basic. So static. Standing in front of the pads punching – that’s not enough to beat someone like me. I close the range. I stand so far away and close the range so quickly.”