Conor McGregor Pays Back Boxing Coach A Loan That Went Back 15 Years

Conor McGregor Pays Back Boxing Coach A Loan That Went Back 15 Years

Irish fight star Conor McGregor recently had a boxing exhibition behind closed doors at the amateur boxing club in Ireland where it all began for him.

Crumlin Boxing club in Dublin knows McGregor well.

It’s there where he first walked into a combat sports gym of any description long before he ever catapulted to fame and fortune in the UFC in recent years.

His exhibition bout in the gym recently has been leaked in recent days online.

Perhaps one of the more quirky and less serious stories to come out of his visit to his old club and bout involves this particular picture on Instagram:

(@thenotoriousMMA Instagram)

The story goes that McGregor borrowed 61 Irish punts at the time (about 70 euro in today’s currency) from his then boxing coach Paddy Brady.

McGregor began his amateur boxing career under Brady and renowned Dublin boxer turned coach Phil Sutcliffe.

McGregor also has trained with the likes of Paschal Collins at the Celtic Warriors Gym over the years on his route to the top of the mixed martial arts world.

The Irishman’s sole venture into professional boxing saw him lose to Floyd Mayweather in 2017 but reportedly pocketed an estimated $100 million dollars for his night’s work.

No doubt there’s plenty more where the above came from.