Tony Bellew on Haye: “Water Infested and Slower.”

WBC cruiserweight world champion Tony Bellew believes he is facing a past his prime David Haye when the two showdown in a heavyweight pay per view event in the UK in March.

The two will fight in London’s O2 Arena on March 4th in a genuine grudge match.

From press conference punches flying, to colorful verbals, it’s safe to say these two fighters are not fond of one another.

Tony Bellew on Haye

Speaking after a Sky Sports News live broadcast, Tony Bellew spoke of how he feels he isn’t facing the David Haye of old – also making reference to how he’s bulked up in the run up to the fight:

“I’m going in against a David Haye who’s a little bit older, a little bit slower, an awful lot heavier. I’m going in against a water infested David Haye. He’s looks like a body builder who’s gone the wrong way. He just looks full of water and a little bit slow. You take that a certain way. People who are listening and understand the sport understand what I mean when I say that.”

He added:

“I know what hes done to gain the weight and what he’s doing. I am going to come in light. I expect David to come in lighter than he has in his last five fights because he understands if I have the slight speed factor on my side, if I am anywhere near quicker than him or as quick as him, he’s got a problem. I’ve faced some of the fastest light-heavyweights in the world. I’ve faced some of the top cruiserweights in the world and I’ve beat them. Quick ones too. If I can judge the distance right and get close to him he’s had it, he’s absolutely had it.”

The two are currently in final preparations ahead of March 4th. The event will be shown live on Sky Box Office.

Check out the full post Sky Sports News live broadcast segment above here: