Watch: Leaked Clip of Haye vs Bellew Gloves Are Off Segment

The below is the first look at Haye vs Bellew Gloves Are Off.

Not long to go now until these two heavyweight UK pugilists get in the ring and throw down on March 4th.

Haye is heavily favored to do a number on Bellew with bookmakers but in recent times, pictures like this suggest Haye might be taking his foot off the gas.

That’s never a good idea in boxing for brutally concussive reasons.

Particularly against someone who can punch like Bellew.

Whether the above picture is just mind games or Haye actually taking it easy in preparation, time will tell.

Judge for yourself on how both men seem at the moment – not long before their fight next month:

(Haye vs Bellew Gloves Are Off Clip)

Haye laughing at one point from one of Bellew’s remarks seems to suggest he’s as relaxed and as confident as ever.

In essence, this fight is more of a spectacle in terms of both men’s ability to sell fights rather than something that carries a whole lot of merit.

They are popular fighters who can punch and talk a lot.

It’s no surprise that the public are interested in it and that more than likely, it will do rather well on pay per view.

Expect the full show above and the verbal antics to escalate soon as the fight draws near on March 4th.