Report: Dana White Open To McGregor vs Mayweather Boxing Fight

UFC head honcho according to Chael Sonnen behind the scenes is starting to come around to the idea of a Conor McGregor vs Mayweather fight under boxing rules – the ex UFC title challenger revealed.

A McGregor vs Mayweather fight has swirled through both the boxing and mixed martial arts rumor mill this year at various times.

But now it’s starting to look like it finally could become a reality in 2017. It’s undeniably a showpiece event, a type spectacle if you will.

If it happens under boxing rules like it is expected and that both men have indicated in 2016, there is only one real winner in reality.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather.

But despite it’s purposeful hype and over the top allure to those more interested in trash talk than perhaps the sport of boxing (or MMA for that matter), there is no denying that people would tune in and watch it.

No matter what anyone says. These two guys know how to sell fights.

Ex-UFC title challenger turned color commentator and MMA insider Chael Sonnen has revealed some very interesting behind the scenes stuff this weekend.

mcgregor vs mayweather
The ultimate ‘hype’ spectacle

Prior to McGregor’s win over Eddie Alvarez at 205 and the Irishman’s angry interview at UFC and Dana White following his victory.

On a McGregor vs Mayweather fight Sonnen said in a television segment for Fox Sports that:

“What Conor is telling people and we’re only as good as the information we get. But Conor is telling people privately, he hasn’t gone public with it yet but he’s saying look with a win here tonight should I beat Eddie (Alvarez) I’m going to take some time off and do everything I can to get the boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. Allegedly, now again, the only person that can sign off on this contractually is Dana White to come in an co-promote. Allegedly, rumor, Dana White is a little bit open to the idea to at least hearing what it is he wants to do instead of having a closed door. So leave the speculation at that. I happen to think there’s some legs to that myself.” 

The McGregor vs Mayweather boxing match has long been speculated on this year but perhaps with Mayweather now 40 years of age and looking for one last (relatively) easy boxing match to reach 50-0 before retiring, maybe because the fight just got a whole lot bigger with McGregor’s win in Madison Square Garden, maybe he’ll be interesting in it once again.

If Dana White gives the fight it’s needed blessing as Sonnen has suggested he’s at least open to above, not many obstacles could stand in the way of it actually happening now.

Mayweather gave his opinion on UFC president Dana White here not too long ago. So it will be interesting to see if the two could work together.