Watch: Conor McGregor Angry With UFC and Dana White After UFC 205

Conor McGregor angry following the biggest win of his career when UFC president Dana White did not have his second world title belt ready for him and at hand post-fight.

McGregor capped a remarkable night for himself and the country of Ireland when he became the first two- weight world champion ever in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

The colorful mixed martial artist has long been linked this year with a fight against boxer Floyd Mayweather and perhaps after his monumental night in Madison Square Garden, New York, ‘Money’ Mayweather’s interest in such a spectacle might be renewed due to the obvious financial incentives that would come with such a hype show.

After his win last night Conor McGregor gave this furious interview when his second world title belt that he had won was not present when he got his hand raised:

UFC president Dana White later said it was not his fault McGregor had forgot to bring his world title belt with him and that it was his job to present McGregor with the new (lightweight) world title belt.

It was also confirmed by White that they needed to actually borrow a world title belt from another UFC world champion backstage to bring out to McGregor for his post-fight interview.