Mayweather: Dana White Living Better Than The UFC Fighters

At a gathering with members of the media this weekend, Floyd Mayweather had a variety of things to say about the current boxing landscape and more. But one particularly interesting aspect involved what he thought of UFC fighter compensation compared with the president of the organisation’s lifestyle, Dana White.

White is a man known for his passion and drive, playing a major role over the last decade or so to help bringing the UFC to where it is today as a brand, also helping the sport of mixed martial arts overall to be fair to him.

However, the question of UFC fighter pay has always come up when compared to boxers over the years who’s pay per view paydays are often made public, where as the UFC normally tend to disclose just what the standard purse for a fighter is based on what is being disclosed to the relevant commission overseeing an event.

Mayweather and Dana White have collided on some issues in the past as two prominent guys in the fight business but overall it is thought they have a good relationship.

Mayweather: Dana White
Mayweather has been linked with McGregor throughout 2016

This weekend however when asked by Elie Seckbach about Dana White wanting to see him in a UFC fight with Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather had this to say:

“It’s easy for another guy to speak (Dana White) when he’s not in there in a contact sport. It’s easy to get a ton of money off these UFC guys while they’re not really getting paid and he’s living better than the UFC guys.”

He added:

“There’s a difference – they can say well, Floyd is living better than his guys. Well guess what? I was a fighter myself so I put in the work on both sides.”

For the full media scrum chat this weekend with Floyd Mayweather check out the full video here (video courtesy of Mr. Elie Seckbach):

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