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McGregor to Mayweather: Keep Dropping My Name I’ll Show Up At Your Front Door!

Published On October 15, 2016 | By Niall Doran | UFC/MMA

The fallout from yesterday’s Conor McGregor’s callout for Floyd Mayweather is still continuing today – both in the MMA and boxing worlds respectively.

The two men have brought the two sports probably closer together than ever before with their consistent calling out of each other this year, for what appears on paper at least to be a potential match under straight boxing rules the two (claim to) want.

Irishman and UFC star Conor McGregor appears to be fed up with all the talk that has gone on and wants Mayweather to put up or shut up it seems.

On a live broadcast with the Lad Bible McGregor said:

“If you keep dropping my name and you have not got the money then I’m going to show up at your front door.”

It looks like a bit of hot air to me though. If I’m being honest.

With McGregor’s next fight in the UFC coming next month at a big event in Madison Square Garden in New York, it seems a little too convenient that he’s started up with all the Mayweather talk again lately.

Another side of me thinks at the same time though, that this is exactly the type of big payday risk-free spectacle fight that could interest Mayweather.

Ever the entertainer.

In straight boxing rules it’s a no contest really. Mayweather could do serious damage to McGregor in reality in a boxing match.

Mayweather has been back sparring in boxing as seen here this week so maybe he is getting ready for a comeback for a McGregor boxing spectacle next year.

Time will tell.

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