Roberto Duran Details How He Would Have Beaten Floyd Mayweather

A fight between the two boxing greats would likely have been the classic boxer vs fighter type match up stylistically.


Boxing legend Roberto Duran believes the only way any boxer would have gotten to Mayweather and done enough to beat him, would have been through the utilization of effective body assaults.

Duran was famed for his body attacks, a man who could shut down an opponent with a single wounding shot to the rib, in the blink of an eye.

Mayweather on the other hand, never really gave any of his opponents during his career a chance to attack his body that often, due to that extremely hard to penetrate shoulder roll defense he perfected, along with his world class sense of timing, distance and head movement.

Duran though believes he would have got to Mayweather with his body punches. Speaking in an interview with ESPN Deportes, Duran said:

“If Mayweather would have fought me I would have busted all of his ribs. A man who covers up as well as he does you have to throw to the liver, and that is going to give you openings.”

He added:

“Almost of all his tricks he learned from Roberto Duran, he learned them from me. He says he’s the best ever but of course we know that he has not fought with anybody.”

(Image credit: EFE-AP/Archivo)

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