Senator and Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao returned to the ring in impressive fashion last time out when he outpointed a much younger Adrien Broner back in January.

It was an impressive performance all round really but some have suggested that Pacquiao at 40 years of age should not be boxing and after allegedly suffering an eye injury last time out some also suggested he might not box again.

He’s tipped to be ringside in Texas tonight at the Spence vs Garcia fight however so don’t expect that to happen as likely he’ll be lined up to take on the winner.

That said, he’s also still linked with the Mayweather rematch and a possible Keith Thurman fight so who knows what’s next for PacMan in 2019.

Boxing legend Roberto Duran thinks either way he should fight on however.

Speaking to Fight Hub, Duran said:

“You know what, Manny Pacquiao got to get that money. If there’s money floating around he’s got to get that money! If there’s $10 or $15 million dollars floating around he’s got to get that money! Who makes $10 or $15 million dollars in a month like boxers do? Not even the President of the US or Panama make that much in a month so Manny Pacquiao has got to get that money!”

He talks a lot of sense to be fair.

Pro boxing is a short career and window of opportunity for fighters to earn money and Pacquiao proved he’s far from done last time out.