Roberto Duran Brands Adrien Broner A ‘Clown’

The great Roberto Duran certainly knows a thing or two about fighters, perhaps being one of the toughest professional boxers that ever laced up a pair of gloves.

Later this year a new movie on Roberto Duran is set to hit cinema screens in August and the great warrior has been appearing in the boxing press as a result a bit more recently.

Speaking to Fight Hub, he was asked what he thought of Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner possibly facing Floyd Mayweather, to which he replied:

“Oh that clown! He’s no good. He wants to fight who? No Mayweather schools him. The problem with that little fighter is he thinks he’s a macho man, a superman, but that guy can’t take a punch!”

Strong words from Duran, no doubt.

Broner last fought earlier this year when he stopped Britain’s Ashley Theophane inside the distance back in April, however a string of outside the ring problems caught up with him after that saw him complete a brief stint in jail.

With Mayweather no longer fighting Conor McGregor in their rumoured freak show boxing match that now seems to have fizzled out, a fight with Broner and Mayweather if anything would definitely sell.

But would Broner really take the fight, and would Mayweather?

Mayweather has also been linked with Danny Garcia but for my buck, I don’t think we’ll see Mayweather in a boxing ring this year.

Possibly next year.

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