Mike Tyson Reveals Why He Was In A Wheelchair

Mike Tyson Reveals Why He Was In A Wheelchair

Mike Tyson was pictured in a wheelchair not long ago. Not many know why.

Certainly a concerning incident when it happened. Giving an insight into Tyson’s overall full health picture the last few years since his last fight (exhibition) with Roy Jones Jr. Going into the Jake Paul fight July 20th.

However, it is thought Tyson is currently in near perfect health.

On what happened at the time though speaking to Newsmax he said:

“I had sciatica every now and then. It flares up. When it flares up I can’t even talk. Yes that’s the only (health) problem I have. I’m in splendid health. Yes.”

There you have it. Just to put things in perspective in recent times — as regards all of Tyson’s health scares since the Roy Jones fight.

Not just last weekend’s airplane incident and health scare.

Sciatica is basically pain that travels along the sciatic nerve.

In an unrelated minor incident last weekend Tyson was treated by paramedics after a flight between Miami and LA.

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Something that has already resolved.

He said this week he is already back to 100 per cent.

People have pointed to Tyson’s age in the fight with Jake Paul on July 20th.

So it’s important to consider his overall health the last couple of years.

Specifically since he fought Roy Jones in an exhibition a few years ago.

He would not have been cleared by Texas to fight this summer if he was not healthy.

At the end of the day, that is a fact.

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