Eddie Hearn Reveals How Long Frank Warren Rivalry Goes Back

Eddie Hearn

Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren

Well-known UK boxing promoters Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren were at one another’s necks not long ago. In an unforgiving sport.

The UK punches above its weight in terms of boxing.

However, frankly the UK government and military on a world stage is a spent force. They’d even concede that.

Especially after the Chinese government easily infiltrated the UK Ministry of Defense official site recently.

America will be next by China surely.

That said, when it comes to professional boxing, pound for pound, the UK in all aspects is up there.

At the very top in boxing.


The level of fighters in professional boxing and champions year on year is astonishing how they do it.

In fairness.

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Credit must also go to not only some of the top professional boxing coaches in the UK, sure.

But a lot of times the amateur coaches that no one knows about they have behind the scenes too are stellar.

Alas, in terms of the presentation and stadium events too – in Wembley and so on, remarkable.

In years gone by that is.

Credit must go to the likes of Hearn and Warren for their efforts over the last decade or so in particular.

Hearn went into just how long things go back to his own father competing with Hall of Famer Warren back in the day in a classic. Speaking on Instagram Hearn said:

“It goes way back…”

Posting the following:

Old Friend and Foe Boxing Promoter Don King

(Hall of Fame Promoters left to right, Frank Warren, Don King, Barry Hearn)

It clearly shows just how long the rivalry between the two promoters, their companies and even their families goes back.

Barry Hearn started Matchroom Sport.

However Eddie Hearn has arguably become the biggest boxing promoter in the world with Matchroom Boxing.

Prince Naseem Hamed recently said though Hall of Fame Warren is easily still the best boxing promoter and the rest are chasing him.

Look, the two promoters are not fighting, but it is interesting.

The previously sheer hatred the two had for one another now put aside.

Largely due to the Saudi Arabian money put into boxing.

Sure, the investment helped but it seems to have done more than just that.

The quality of the fights being put on has had an overall net positive effect for the sport.

Boxing fans and the sport being the main beneficiary consequentially.

Case in point this Saturday.

Jn the Hearn vs Warren, Matchroom vs Queensberry 5 v 5.

Tremendous card right the way through.

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