Danny Jacobs Supporting New Gym Opened By Shannon Briggs Where Mike Tyson Was Born

danny jacobs

One part of New York has produced a lot of well known fighters like Shannon Briggs, Danny Jacobs and other big names.

Some don’t know about the area of Brownsville in New York. An under privileged area but on the up now for the youth in New York’s inner city.

It was where former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was born no less.

Same for former heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe, Shannon Briggs and former middleweight champion Danny ‘Miracle Man’ Jacobs.

All four from the same place.

Jacobs speaking on Instagram said of a new massive gym opening in the area by Briggs:

“I am here in Brownsville supporting the (new) Brownsville Boxing Academy. It’s the biggest gym I’ve ever seen. It’s the most technically sound. The most grittiest at the same time. These kids are going to have a ball.”

Credit to the fighters.

For not only giving back.

But opening a huge new facility in the United States for boxing in fact.

Surely a place where the stars of the future will be honed in the sport.

Given the form and track record of the area already in boxing.

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