Frank Warren on Eddie Hearn: I Hated The Fact You Were Breathing

frank warren

Former bitter rivals Frank Warren and Eddie Hearn now putting on some of the best fights at the highest level of the sport – professional boxing.

Boxing has produced many characters in its rich history over the decades.

Inside the ring and outside of it.

Two of boxing’s latest Shakespeare characters in promotions, Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren, have put bitter hatred of one another behind them.

Speaking to The Stomping Ground Podcast Warren joked on the old days:

“I hated the fact you were breathing! (laughs).”

The banter in boxing can be quite enjoyable at times.

The fact of the matter is this weekend the two are putting on a masterpiece in Saudi Arabia.

Courtesy of his excellency.

That involves a 5 v 5 tournament of top notch quality.

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