Conor McGregor Reveals Bloody Head Guard From Boxing Sparring

conor mcgregor

Irishman Conor McGregor returns in his big UFC comeback fight shortly but has clearly been putting some boxing work in.

Conor McGregor is a former amateur boxer and one-time professional boxer against Floyd Mayweather a few years back.

His pro fight was a TKO loss to Mayweather but he shocked the world by winning early rounds.

Earlier on Instagram today McGregor posted the following:

His boxing headgear today telling the story.

Clearly still working on his boxing with intensity.

His fight against Michael Chandler in the UFC takes place on July 30th at UFC 303.

It is thought McGregor could easily have another professional boxing match in the years ahead.

Whether a Manny Pacquiao fight or other boxing match happens remains to be seen.

McGregor has made more moves closer to the sport of boxing in recent times.

With his successful whiskey Proper 12 and popular Forged Stout having Ebanie Bridges of Australia among others endorsing them.

McGregor has also started sponsoring some professional boxing events in recent years.

He also recently announced part ownership in a new emerging Bare Knuckle boxing championship entity.

Growing in popularity all the time.

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