Canelo on the Best Mexican Boxers of All Time – Top 3

canelo on best mexican

Canelo on best Mexican fighters ever – His Top 3

Ahead of this weekend’s big fight as well as touching on his top Mexican boxers of all time list, Alvarez was in bullish form saying:

‘I don’t need to prove anything to anybody. I just need to prove to myself. I’m the best.’

On preparations for the fight and fighting on for years ahead he added he’s will get the KO this weekend:

‘I feel at my best and I never felt this good in my life. Yes of course. I will do it. I don’t know (what round) but I will do it.’

Asked who his three favorite Mexican boxers of all time were he responded:

‘Julio Cesar Chavez, Gilberto Roman and Alacran Torres.’

Alvarez modestly dismissed himself from the all time list saying:

‘Ah, Canelo Alvarez is different.’

What a fight this Saturday promises to be.

A great clash of styles and both highly attacking fighters when they choose to be.

You get the sense that at some point bombs will be exchanged in this all-Mexican showdown at some stage in the fight.

That said, Alvarez has the pedigree to choose to box and move too, which might be the case early on at least.