Canelo’s Fight: A Historic Moment in Boxing History Books

canelo history books

This weekend sees some history made in boxing for the first time between two Mexican world level fighters in a title fight.

Indeed, Canelo knows the history books nature of this weekend’s fight.

Alvarez pointed it out at the Grand Arrivals in Las Vegas – saying:

‘I think its a very significant fight. It is going to be a historic one. Two Mexicans fighting for all the
four belts for the first time. That’s what I am looking for always. To leave my mark and put my country up high.’

He added:

‘You are going to witness everything on Saturday. I don’t care if Munguia is younger, older, because in the end – Canelo is different.’

Alvarez has shown his ability to go through the weight divisions before but this weekend will be a test of how much he still wants success in boxing in some ways.

He’s already fought many and beat the best and made his money, now, this is to put the added official stamps on his legacy.

His unbeaten opponent however will have plenty to say about that.

Very calm, quiet and calculated this week so far, too.

Sign of a good fight in store and one for the history books seeing a bout between two Mexicans for all four belts for the first time.