Miniature Mexican Boxing Beauty Grabs Attention Ahead Of Taylor Serrano

Women’s boxing sees a tremendous fight this weekend in New York between Amanda Serrano and Katie Taylor.

One of those genuinely high level pro women’s matches.

That will result in a good clash of styles and a world class fight, both with proven world level ability.


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Photos: Venice, Italy – One Of The World’s Most Beautiful Cities

Serrano across three combat sports no less — as a champion not only in boxing.

A new star in women’s boxing Mexican boxing stunner Sulem Urbina has been grabbing attention again and has helped bring much needed attention to the fight this week with this:

Big fight this week in New York for sure.

Hopefully Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Sport will deliver on a big show — like they always do to be fair.

The action should certainly deliver in the ring most importantly:

(Hat tip DAZN YouTube)

Roll on.