Musk Lands Knockout Punch – Named Time Person Of The Year 2021

Musk Lands Knockout Punch - Named Time Person Of The Year 2021

Despite a very small number of believers’ suggestions that Elon Musk could be the future anti-Christ down the road at the end of humanity per the Book of Revelation.

He is not.

Definitely not the anti-Christ.



Boxing Beauty Grabs Attention At Lopez vs Kambosos

Boxing Beauty Grabs Attention At Lopez Vs Kambosos

Forget that for now. Following Jesus Christ and not focusing on the irrelevant devil the most wise. Fook the devil. Irrelevant. Choose God.

God is the Greatest.

Each to their own.

As for the old world sure what do we know. We are morons. Each to their own.

But perhaps most important thing is to focus on the now and help rebuild the rubble of the Earth.


Fighter Toys With Foe In Moment Of Respectful Assertiveness Then Battering

Fighter Toys With Foe In Moment Of Respectful Assertiveness Before Killing Him

Believers in God across all denominations and faiths in Christianity, Islam and Judaism should not judge non-believers in God.

And visa versa too the other way around.

This South African Musk appears to be doing some good things and the world has recognized it with this Time Person of the Year award:

Very good Musk.

Don’t screw up 2022.

Go get them.

Carry on.

In boxing terms Musk has landed some serious knockout punches on the current US administration this year.

Take that you Washington poingdexters. Better luck next time. You lose.

Moving forward.


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With blue-chip corporate America now behind him and much of traditional-old legacy and now-new media with him across the world — this Tesla thing is only just getting started.

Seem like very cool cars too.

Very good.

That is all.


Hype Becomes Real For The Blonde Bombshell

Hype Becomes Real For Blonde Bombshell

The world like boxing seems to be really coming back to life now.

Things can’t always be bad.

Life is good and good times ahead for the world surely.

Keep the faith.


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Corrupt Irish Politicians Ruthlessly Corrected After Being Knocked Out Cold