When discussing the best pure boxers of all time it is always a difficult argument.

Impossible no less.

For us Sugar Ray Robinson was the best pure boxer that ever lived but each to their own.

Ali the greatest fighter in all aspects but that’s a different story.

Floyd Mayweather and Joe Louis of course are up there at the very top too.

For sure.

The pound for pound best debate will go on forever. After this world ends and is no more one day — in heaven likely too the arguments upstairs will just have to continue then! 🙂

Each to their own.


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Old Blinken Gets It Right For A Change On Important Military Strategy

One thing not many discuss is Mayweather and Ali actually did something similar on the inside to another legend.

Jack Johnson.

Who was rightfully pardoned by Donald Trump in recent years.

After wrongful treatment by the US government of his time.

What it was — was this.

When in the pocket fighting in close quarters.

Johnson, Ali nor Mayweather ever panicked.

Often knowing exactly where their opponents were before spinning off.

Pivoting off.

Stepping off.

Messing with them for a bit.


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Corrupt Irish Politicians Ruthlessly Corrected After Being Knocked Out Cold

Just kidding with them as it were.

Then been back within range to launch offense and attack straight away again.

Tying their opponent up.

Controlling their opponent.

Before taking them out at the end.

Boxing poetry in motion right here all in the one:

Setting up the next phase of attack and offense as it were.

Getting that offense going.

Mayweather certainly one of the greatest of all-time.

Pity because he is still alive and the above are not some of his fights not appreciated more.

Surely one of the greatest American athletes of all time. Up there with the likes of Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, Jack Nicklaus, Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan.

In one distinct aspect that separates the above from most of the rest.

Their mentalities.

Who they are at their core inner spiritual being on the inside.


Winners win.

That’s what winners do.

That’s who they are and what they do.

Would be good to see Mayweather get involved in training more fighters in years to come passing on that valuable sweet science knowledge.

Surely not even 0.00000000001% of it passed on just yet — to the next generation in the years ahead — hard work — dedication…


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Musk Lands Knockout Punch – Named Time Person Of The Year 2021

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